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We are enabling the world to solve complex problems using no-code ML and bioinformatics.

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01. Fast & Agile

Cut the time to train large models to a fraction with a GPU-accelerated web application. Coding knowledge optional. Fast results, faster progress. 

02. Cost-Effective

No more mismanaged ML infrastructure. No more outrageous engineer salaries. 

03. Real Reproducibility

Share your pipeline with other researchers who can run and reproduce the same results with superbio. Machine learning democratized. 

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Understand Your
Data Better

superbio brings all the pieces of the puzzle together. Public and private biomedical data repositories, easy-to-use machine learning models, automated and expert analysis, all in your browser.




Spun out of R42 Institute AI Fellows Program, superbio is the brainchild of Berke Buyukkucak and Dr. Ronjon Nag. 


We believe machine learning can be the most useful tool in a hard-working scientist's toolshed. Democratizing machine learning, that's what we are all about. 


A highly graphical and intuitive interface. Fast and innovative models. Reliable analysis. Machine learning made easy.  



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