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Models You Can Trust Toolkit

  • A suite of benchmark AI tools for data processing and model training with your data

  • Over 250 public biomedical datasets

  • Advanced visualizations and helpful tips to improve performance

Affordable Cloud

  • Optimized and affordable cloud for AI and bioinformatics workflows - no setup necessary

  • GPU-accelerated workflows

App Store

  • Your very own AI catalog hosting state-of-the-art pretrained models and AI-based tools

  • Inference & retraining via no-code apps or APIs 

  • Researchers, share your work with the world!

Secure storage

  • Sensitive health data stored and secured according to the highest standards and best practices

  • Infrastructure security team, dedicated to your needs

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Spun out of R42 Institute AI Fellows Program, is the brainchild of Berke Buyukkucak and Dr. Ronjon Nag. 


We believe machine learning can be the most useful tool in a hard-working scientist's toolshed. Democratizing machine learning, that's what we are all about. 


A highly graphical and intuitive interface. Fast and innovative models. Reliable analysis. Machine learning made easy.  



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